Are there people who never find their passion in life?

Are there people who never find their passion in life? by Abhimanyu Sood Answer by Abhimanyu Sood: Let’s say you get an invite to a buffet. When you reach the event, you’re amazed to see an infinitely long buffet table. On this magical table, beautiful and exotic-looking dishes are placed one after the other, for as far as you can see. It’s a heavenly sight. And even though you don’t recognize a single one of these dishes, they all smell so good your mouth is watering like crazy. source The other people around you are equally dazed at the magical sight. Here are one of the three ways in which they will react – Some people will start from the beginning of the table, and […]

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How to write successful Social Media Plan? Step by Step Guide for Dummies

media plan

Hey! I would like to discuss a little bit about “how to create a successful SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN” in this article. Ah, what a hack is that and why do we need it? You might ask. So here is my humble answer to that! What do you mean by a Social Media Plan? It is nothing but organizing / implementing your publishing / advertising strategy step by step. It can be simple PPT which explains your business, to be uploaded on the blog which is getting thousand views each day, it can be huge campaign running on flashy footer on your favorite TV channel, it can be the paper Ad published on the daily newspaper without which, your father cannot take a sip of coffee. […]

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Does the govt of India provide any subsidies or startup funds?

My answer to Does the government of India provide any subsidies or startup funds for setting up an IT Offshore Deve… Answer by Adn295: YES. Govt of India provides funds for any startup not just IT. However, there are few other entities also help you to create startups under #StartUpIndia program. Although there are many resources available on Internet on this, I would suggest you to physically meet Govt officials for your doubts. You may also contact incubators who are responsible for guiding you thru out your journey as a Startup. More info – Brief Info on Startup India Program –… Apply for Startup online – Startup India List of Incubators in your state – Startup India HDFC bank’s Startup Solution –… Startup […]

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What is the business model of Reliance Jio?

What is the business model of Reliance Jio? by @kshitijsalgunan Answer by Kshitij Salgunan: It is really simple. Most of you are going to pay the same or probably more money to Jio compared to your current network provider. After reading this answer, you will realize what a clever businessman Mukesh Ambani is. I have been following the news about Jio since many years, and have written multiple articles about Jio in the past many months. Why Mukesh Ambani wants to enter networking field so badly? This story requires us to know why Mukesh Ambani is investing so much in yet another telecom company especially when there is already another company named Reliance Communications. In 2002, when Dhirubhai Ambani died, there were some major ownership […]

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Affiliate Marketing to Grow nearly by 800% by 2025

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the highest growing industry in Today’s Technology world. In simple words, Affiliates is nothing but promoting some other company’s products. It is expected that Affiliate Marketing would grow by 8 times higher then what it is today.   Few months back I have written article on same topic – Also Read – Affiliate marketing expected to hit $6.8B over next 5 years Even though there are many other means by you can earn enough online, Affiliates is said to be one of the best strategy to grow your income. Due to Social Media outreach, Internet enabled Mobiles, E-mail marketing and similar mediums, it is comparatively easy and less risky to earn using Affiliates. Affiliate marketing industry in India is expected […]

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I work for IT firm. What are some ways to earn more money?

My answer to I’m an engineer and work for an IT firm. What are some ways to earn more money? Answer by Adn295: You haven’t mentioned how much experience you got there. If you are starting your career, you should focus more on acquiring knowledge first. Try to take advice from senior employees, project managers etc on how to do that. If you are not satisfied with your salary and want to earn more anyway, best option is work as freelancer. There are pretty good websites which offer you to find good project. Again I suggest you to stick with the technology you are working in. At last, you might consider creating a blog, which has become very good option to earn more and brand […]

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A journey from Digital State to Digital Nation

The union cabinet has approved a programme to transform India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy called the Digital India. The nation has taken a giant leap under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who in his previous role as Gujarat Chief Minister created a Digital Gujarat.   Gujarat through various innovative developments in technology has transformed governance. The state has been in the forefront in setting up such initiatives like SWAGAT, Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) , Apno Taluka Vibrant Taluka (ATVT), e-Jamin and eGujCop. Through Geographic Information System (GIS), decision support and convergence in various sectors such as Health, Agriculture, Education, Water and Land Management has been achieved in the state. By using satellite technology the state has mainstreamed remote areas […]

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How Internet is killing our natural intelligence

internet killing intelligence

This article is to focus on How Internet is killing the natural intelligence of humans, let them be software engineers or artists, let them be graphics designers or creative producers. Here we go : Imagine one scenario – you are given a task at your job. The task is about to create some banner advert for your company’s upcoming event. Obviously there is time limit for this task and it’s just 8 hrs. What should be your first choice of action? Shouldn’t you start with a pencil and a paper by making some sort of diagrams? Shouldn’t you start apply your creativity to predict, how the advert would look like? BUT NO. You would not do that. What you would do is, open search engine […]

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How Google Apps for Work can make you better

google apps

Build your business for the future   Google Apps for Work is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software offered on a subscription basis by Google. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.   Here are three reasons why people uses Google Apps:   You can get customized email and more with Gmail for work. It helps employees get things done while collaborating more quickly and efficiently. Millions of businesses, large and small, have already made the switch. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain (, at least 30 GB of storage for […]

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5 Great Tips & Tricks for Social Media Publishing

Well, it has been a while since I have written an article here. No, everything else is fine here except that, I have come across some stupid mistakes people keep on doing in Social Media Publishing. If you are not familiar with “How Social Media Plan works” and “How it can turn your idea into the money earning machine”, I recommend you to read this – How to write successful Social Media Plan? So here it goes. Have you ever experienced that, despite of having 10K Facebook page fans / 2K personal (really?) friends / Connections on your Facebook/ LinkedIn profile, your blog is not getting enough traffic from those sites ? Has it ever happened that, even if you are having 1K genuine followers on […]

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